Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking the plunge

It was brought to my attention that conducting a long-winded conversation over twitter is probably not particularly good netiquette. As a result I have started this blog for those times when 140 characters just won't cut it. I have no intention of providing educational, entertaining or informative posts. Having said that, I have come across numerous blogs about people's pet cats, herb gardens and housekeeping tips. So perhaps I'll get the hang of this and surprise myself.

I think at this point it might be polite to properly introduce myself. My twitter bio says:
Skeptic, Mother & Arts student. An advocator for critical thinking & focused on raising my daughter to be a tolerant, reasonable and logical human being
But like I pointed out earlier, 140 characters just isn't enough. So let's expand this a little.  I'm Studying a Bachelor of Arts through Griffith University in Brisbane. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I study on-line from the rural  New South Wales town of Batemans Bay. I'm hoping that my education will lead to a career in primary school teaching. I hope that I can instill a love of science, literature, arts and a desire for knowledge in the children I have the privilege of teaching. (Though, I'm not completely delusional, I realise there will be those who simply do not listen.)

Madeline, my two year old, is my inspiration.  Like any good parent I want to help her in anyway that I can. I want to teach her to be a productive, well adjusted, rational member of society. To succeed in this I think it's important that I set her a good example. In this way Maddie has made me a better person. I could go on about her for hours, but there will be plenty of opportunities to do that in future posts.

Last but not lest, I am a skeptic. I am still a skeptical rookie. I still get my logical fallacies muddled and I often miss SGU podcasts. But it's a far cry from the barefooted, folk festival, vegetarian who only three year ago was enrolled in a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science... so, you hardcore Skeptics, be nice- "Don't be a Dick".

I think I've done it, I might actually have 'blogged'. However, It's now two in the morning, so I guess I should sign off.
Warm Regards to you all. (And exceptionally toasty regards to @bastardsheep , our music related discussions will never be detrimental to your twitter followship again)

Link to Skeptics' Guide to the Universe (SGU podcast)
Link to Phil Plait - Don't be a Dick. (Speech @ TAM8)

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