Friday, July 27, 2012

Respect at all times

Here I am again, brought back to my blog page by the antics of Meryl Dorey. Honestly, if it weren't for that woman I wouldn't have a blog at all. (I'm also refurbishing a table, I've got the before shots if you want to see them? No, not really. OK, I'll blog for you when I'm done).

So, let's start at the start. I always find that that's the best place to begin. Yesterday a Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN) administrator posted this comment on the SAVN facebok page  :

Dear SAVN subscribers, commenters, posters, readers and "likers", the administrators of this page have had long discussions about the name of this page, "Stop the Australian Vaccination Network," and we have come to the conclusion that it does not suffice in being clear as to what the nature of this page is, and what it is in opposition to. 
Therefore, the administrators have made a decision to implement a name-change, albeit slight, to better reflect the ethos, principles, and values of this page, and this name change will be uploaded in *three days' time* as the new name going forward. 
The countdown begins now. 
3 days until the name change. 
I will be updating this post on a daily basis for the countdown.
Naturally there has been a response over on the AVN page. Lots of speculation about why this could be happening. One 'liker' considers the possibility that their illegal actions have caused it. Although, I thought the post has pretty clearly explained the reason : it does not suffice in being clear as to what the nature of this page is . About four hours ago came Meryl Dorey's official response. She has proposed a competition for her followers to re-name the SAVN. 

Before I continue I think I should remind you of the Mission statement on the AVN's facebook 'about' page. So here it is:

"We must treat each other with respect at all times..." and "Members must refrain from posting inflammatory or defamatory comments"

I'll leave you to judge how respectful and un-inflammatory the AVN member's suggestions are. My favorite so far is by the administrator known as RR : Stop Everything We Ever Ridiculed Reviled And Trashed [Sewer Rat].
Screenshot One:

Screenshot Two:

And as of  3:45 Friday the 27th of July, the final screenshot. Please also be aware that Kieran's comment about the AVN being liars can not longer be seen in the thread. The AVN and Censorship... well, that's a whole other blog post.


  1. Wow what a prize, 1 year of mags = none.

  2. And a Godwin to boot! Well done AVNers, no, really. You do the work of Stop the AVN by proxy.