Saturday, April 30, 2011

My alleged copyright criminal activity:

Logged onto facebook this morning to find this notice:

Turns out that some one was very busy censoring the StopAVN page last night. Resulting in the disabling of 2 accounts of fellow StopAVN facebook group members. In case you were wondering. Here is the post, from the 24th of April complete with referencing:

And naturally there are very few ways of contesting these allegations. Apparently all a user needs to do is report a possible infringement. Then without any checking up on the legitimacy of the claim, facebook pulls the picture. Copyright, of course, allows for what is called Fair use.  This comment was loaded for the purpose of commentary and criticism, which are both terms of fair use.

Nice way to censor the market-place of ideas, huh Meryl?

(Not that I can be sure it was Meryl. However, the likelihood of it being someone from the Australian Vaccination Network is high, due to the large amount of content removed from the StopAVN page.)


  1. So, now she also owns the copyright to ABC Online forums? She has balls the size of Volkswagons.

  2. Well, the AVN have also been using ABC material on their podcast. I guess it MUST be thier's