Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am NOT a criminal

So, after a full day of Public Relations down at the park in my SES uniform. I've come home and filed a DMCA counter-notice with facebook. Addressing the fact that the image was reproduced for the purpose of commentary and criticism and therefore came under Fair Use under Part 3 Division 3 of the Australian copyright act 1968 . I have also pointed out:

"The Facebook group from which my image was removed has had several allegations made against them. I believe that is it another organisation, or perhaps simply one member of this organisation, misusing Facebook's reporting tool as a way of bullying and intimidating our members"...

..That I consider it harassment. Furthermore, I don't take lightly, the allegation that I was involved criminal activity. I also implored Facebook conduct a thorough investigation, and if it was uncovered that the repeated DMCA submissions were baseless, malicious and false that the offender face appropriate disciplinary actions.  

The free market of ideas will triumph!

That is all for now. 

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